Sunday May 1st…WOW!! What a day.

My husband, Jason and I have been trying for a baby for two years and being treated for infertility since last August. I took the 4th round of Clomid in early April and actually took a negative pregnancy test some time after Easter. Last week, I started having cramps and assumed they were normal and I was going to get my period. Nothing ever came, except some mild spotting.

On Sunday May 1st, I was at my parent’s house for Charlie and Dad’s birthday party. I was talking to Nan (my oldest sister) and my mom and mentioned that I was having cramps and a little spotting, but really nothing else. Nan said I should take another test. I really didn’t think a whole lot of it. I have been waiting for so long  and have taken so many negative pregnancy tests, that I just didn’t think it was ever going to happen.

On the way home, I stopped at the pharmacy on a whim and picked up a test. I came home and told Jason I was going to take it. He was surprised I was going to take it that night instead of waiting a couple more days, but he didn’t say much else. I went to the bathroom and did my business. Again, you have to understand that I have taken umpteen tests that have been negative, so I really didn’t think anything about it. I am used to seeing the control line come up after a minute or so. This time, I was amazed to see TWO LINES!!!!!

I think I stared at the test for I don’t even know how long, then I said something along the lines of, “Uh, you need to come in here now.” He was just in the next room and came in. He stared at it for equally as long and then our eyes met. Tears and hugs ensued (my hubby would never admit that he cried, but I was there and he did!) Then he told me to take another test. I said, “I can’t. I don’t have to pee.” He said, “Well, you better go drink some water then.”  Obviously, by the picture, I did take another test, but not until the next morning.

My reaction second to telling my husband was an urge to call my mom. I just had to, even though we had talked about waiting to tell everyone. I knew I couldn’t. My hands were shaking. I was shocked and awed and completely over the moon! My mom didn’t answer her phone, so I called my dad. He answered and everyone was still there from the earlier festivities, so I had him put me on speaker phone. Once everyone was listening, I shared our news. There were lots of shouts and cheers of congratulation. It felt pretty darn awesome!

Jason decided to call his parent’s, too. It just so happened that his mom was in need of a knee brace that we had so we arranged to run over and drop it off. We got there and chatted for a few minutes, helped her put on the brace. As we were getting ready to leave, Jason said, “there is something Holly wanted to show you.” I pulled the test out of my pocket and said something really lame, like, “I don’t know where you guys will be living next January, but we would like you to be here.” His mom couldn’t believe it and his dad had a huge grin. They were both very happy about our news. We spent a few more minutes chatting and they looked closer at the test. Then we both got hugs and well wishes and home again we went.

To say the least, this day was filled with some awesome, unforgettable moments. I am so thrilled to be on this journey with my husband.  I can’t wait for all the changes. Even the uncomfortable ones!!